Keep Them Up or Knock Them Down are Not The Only Options

It is 25 years – a full generation – since the Berlin Wall came down.  It was an incredible moment in the history of Europe and I remember hoping that it wouldn’t be long before our walls came down as well. As we wait to see whether the Northern Ireland political parties can deliver a

Well Alex, You Might Be Missing the Point!

Alex Kane is a well respected and thoughtful commentator.  I enjoy his articles, blogs and tweets (@alexkane221b).  However I was very disappointed by his recent Newsletter article on votes at 16.  He has challenged young people in our WIMPS (Where Is My Public Servant?) project to a debate on the issue, and personally – I

Maze Long Kesh – The Loss of a Site of Profound Learning

There are many reasons why the decision of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson MLA to do a complete u-turn on plans for the development of the site of the former Maze Prison is a set-back for a political process that seems to be in a state of rapid decline – but for me one of