One of the legacy issues of the former conflict is the ongoing scourge of paramilitary ‘justice’ – often referred to as ‘punishment attacks’.  I’ve been working on this issue over many years – and in particular through Public Achievement’s WIMPS (Where Is My Public Servant?) project.  My particular focus has been on the impact of this brutality on young people and their families.  I am interested in talking to victims, medics who are picking up the pieces – and any others with an interest in this subject, including former or current perpetrators of these attacks.

I will continue to speak out, write and campaign on this issue – which has received shamefully little attention to date from politicians, church leaders or the media.  You can read a little of my background on this issue here, and the first-hand story of a victim of one of these attacks here.

I have been doing my own research on this issue, and recently established a ‘Stop Attacks  Forum’ with others concerned about this issue.  I’d love to hear your ideas about how we can ensure that a proper strategy is designed to bring this dreadful human rights abuse to an end.  Over the past year there has been a surge in these attacks (more than 30% higher than the previous year) and my recent report – Beyond the Societal Shrug – will give you a more detailed understanding of the history and impact of this problem, as well as some ideas of how we might move forward in bringing it to an end.

Report on Paramilitary Attacks and Their Impact on Young People, September, 2017