Keep Them Up or Knock Them Down are Not The Only Options

It is 25 years – a full generation – since the Berlin Wall came down.  It was an incredible moment in the history of Europe and I remember hoping that it wouldn’t be long before our walls came down as well. As we wait to see whether the Northern Ireland political parties can deliver a

Well Alex, You Might Be Missing the Point!

Alex Kane is a well respected and thoughtful commentator.  I enjoy his articles, blogs and tweets (@alexkane221b).  However I was very disappointed by his recent Newsletter article on votes at 16.  He has challenged young people in our WIMPS (Where Is My Public Servant?) project to a debate on the issue, and personally – I

Maze Long Kesh – The Loss of a Site of Profound Learning

There are many reasons why the decision of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson MLA to do a complete u-turn on plans for the development of the site of the former Maze Prison is a set-back for a political process that seems to be in a state of rapid decline – but for me one of

Fifteen Years On

This weekend in Belfast, many people will be reflecting back on what some call ‘The Good Friday Agreement’ – and others call ‘The Belfast Agreement’.  For most it was an historic moment where decades of conflict and enmity seemed to be coming to an end.  For others – it was a compromise too far –

Reflecting On a Moment of Change – Two Decades Ago

Twenty years ago – March 20 1993 – was an extraordinary day in my youth work career – and a day when everything started to change.  If the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide, then the events of that day were part of the point where the tide turned for Northern Ireland. The