I am a freelance facilitator specialising in engagement.  I can help your organisation to work more effectively with key audiences and I can assist organisations in engaging effectively with young people – including those from tougher social realities. I am happy to work with interesting people on interesting projects in Northern Ireland or around the world.  Please contact me below to discuss your needs or ideas.

I am currently working on a number of projects, including working to raise awareness of the impact of paramilitary attacks on young people, and writing a paper on the future of Youth Work in Northern Ireland.

Until December 2016 I was the ‘City Launcher’ for Nextdoor in Northern Ireland.  Nextdoor is a new kind of social network based on neighbourhoods.  It is private and secure and allows neighbours to connect to build stronger and safer communities.  Thanks to my networks, skills and expertise, Nextdoor has grown faster in Belfast than anywhere else in the UK.

I have also been working with some great organisations locally including the Voice of Young People in Care, Community Evaluation Northern Ireland, RNIB Northern Ireland and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy on their programmes in Lebanon.  I am also a registered trainer on the SALTO European Trainers list, and a trainer with ECORYS for the Erasmus Plus programme in the UK.

I am the former CEO of Public Achievement, which for 16 years (until January 2016) was Northern Ireland’s most innovative youth organisation.  The organisation won a host of local and international awards, including a Big Society Award from the UK Prime Minister and a Tech for Good Award.  Previously I worked for the Youth Council for Northern Ireland, the School of Education in Ulster University, and the Community of the Peace People.  One of our best known projects was the WIMPS (Where is My Public Servant?) project which supported young people to address local issues, and to hold those in power to account.  Although the WIMPS site is down, you can view our catalogue of films made by young people here.  I own the domain rights to WIMPS.tv and I am planning to re-launch the project at some stage.  If you’d like to help, please let me know!

The diagram below is the ‘Action Cycle’ – a key component of the Civic Youth Work model developed by Public Achievement and our colleagues at the University of Minnesota Youth Development and Leadership programme.

If you are interested in engaging my services, drop me a line!  You can view  my CV here.

Public Achievement's Action Cycle model

3 thoughts on “About Wiseabap

  1. Paul – later than I would have liked but thanks for that blog and I’m very sorry about all of this – although it doesn’t diminish your work – best of luck as you move on

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