Here Goes!

I’ve been thinking about getting back to blogging since a half-hearted attempt a few years back.  Now is the time – I’ve decided – as things are really getting interesting around here, and around the world of young people generally.  I am the leader of a great organisation called Public Achievement – based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  These posts are personal – my own ideas – but are inevitably about the work I do and the people I engage with.

I am going to be writing soon about the Northern Ireland Department of Education‘s new ‘Priorities for Youth’ policy – currently out for consultation, and about my imminent visit to Paris to initiate a new project on using social media to tackle racism and xenophobia, and to participate in the special UNESCO/IIEP ‘Plan With Youth’ event with young people from our WIMPSproject.

Aurelaiano and Melissa – this year’s European Volunteers at Public Achievement

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